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We offer quality service to our guests

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Already Made Packages

Already made packages, many to choose from. Our tours are conducted by experienced Omani guides, we believe that only Omani guides can bring you to experience the local hospitality.

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Tailor Made Tours

Whether your preferences are mountains, wadis, coast, history or trekking, let us suggest a tour for your holidays in Oman. Together we can design a unique tour for you to enjoy.

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Our Own Fleet

All our vehicles have seat belts and we apply a strict service and maintenance program. We want to offer our guest the best of Oman and make your dream come true.

Pick and Mix from our favorites

Sleek & Beautiful

Wahiba Sands

Experience a wonderful feeling of serenity in this vast expanse of desert that lies before your eyes.

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Picturesque wadis where water flows all year round, lush with trees and date palms. Some where you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

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Enjoy amazing views and exhilarating trips over the mountains. Oman’s highest peak, is at 3009 m. Dramatically located, many villages still retain traditional charm and sense of rural solitude

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Culture and Tradition

Spectacular forts, famous Souks, charming little towns, old villages where you can see the mud houses and watchtowers proudly looking over them from the top of the hills.