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1 Day Tours

Coast and Wadi Shab     CODE: OD – 01

Walk inside Wadi Shab with green pools and enjoy a refreshing swim in those pools.Continue your journey to Wadi Tiwi, with its plantations and its blue-green pools. Stop at Bimah Sinkhole, a huge hole formed by erosion. Here you can take another refreshing swim in the cool, clear green water. ….More




Nizwa – Jebel Shams     CODE: OD – 02

Visit Nizwa, stroll along the souk where you can buy silver jewelry, frankincense, intricately handmade Khanjars and more. Visit the 17th Century Fort with its circular tower. Then proceed to the top of Jebel Shams, “Sun Mountain”, to get a spectacular view of the “Grand Canyon”. Stop in Misfat Al Abreen village, set in a stunning landscape above terraced plantations of date palms…..More




Jebel Akhdar     CODE: OD – 03

Jebel Akhdar in Arabic means “Green Mountain” but it is also known as the Sayq Plateau. Visit villages with terraced rose plantations that cling vertiginously to the rock walls,. Make your way to the pretty village of Birkat Al Mauz, located at the foot of Jebel Akhdar. Wonder in the old streets of abandoned houses made of mud and straw…..More



Wahiba sands and Wadi Bani Khalid     CODE: OD – 04

Do some dune bashing in Wahiba sands, meet a Bedouin family, their hospitality will seduce you, share coffee and dates with them. Continue to Wadi Bani Khalid, one of the largest and most picturesque wadis in Oman where water flows all year round…..More




Sur and Coastal Road     CODE: OD – 05

Stop at Bimah Sinkhole, a spectacular limestone crater with inviting blue-green water.Continue your journey to Sur. By the 6th Century, Sur was an established centre for trade with East Africa. Today the city has retained its reputation as a major Dhow building town. Enter Wadi Tiwi with its blue-green pools of water surrounded by palm trees…..More



Nizwa – Bahla – Jabrin     CODE: OD – 06

This tour provides a good insight on Omani history and glorious heritage. Preciously restored, each Fort has its own story. Visit the Fort of Nizwa with its large circular tower and imagine life inside the Fort in the 17th Century. The breathtaking view from the tower will show you how big the plantation is. Bahla is a charming little town surrounded  by an old 12 km long wall…..More



Rustaq – Nakhal – Wadi Al Abyad     CODE: OD – 07

Rustaq Fort was built four centuries prior to the dawn of Islam in Oman, it is an imposing structure built on three levels, containing separate houses, an armory, a mosque and four towers. Nakhal and its 17th Century Fort built on the peak of a mountain, surrounded by a beautiful oasis. Enter Wadi Al Abyad, to see the famous “blue pools” and calcite….. More



Barka – Nakhal – Wukan     CODE: OD – 08

Witness in Barka the true hustle and bustle of an Arabic market. Small fishing boats are dragged up the beach and bring to the market their trophies. The journey continues to Nakhal and its 17th Century Fort built on the peak of a mountain. Visit Wukan village a small mountain village with spectacular views overlooking the surrounding mountains….. More